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Runway-Ready at the Women’s Leadership Symposium

Stephanie styled the fabulous Samantha Stewart, who was serving looks and confidence on the panel. Stephanie curated a two-piece boss-lady suit that screamed class and sass. It was giving CEO vibes all the way, making sure Samantha was turning heads and sealing deals! For the main event – Samantha's speaking gig – Stephanie switched it up to a dress that was all about poise with a pop! It shouted, "I'm here, I'm fierce, and I'm ready to rock this symposium!"


And let’s not forget the glam squad – Amari B Studios on the makeup, KRB Hair Studio and The BrolinRochelle Brand on accessories. Bottom line: Stephanie had Samantha looking like she owned the place. Every detail was on point, making sure Samantha's style game was as powerful as her panel game. 

Style Me Stephanie Client Samantha Stewart.

Style Extravaganza with Verlancia Tucker

Style Me Stephanie Client Verlancia Tucker

Stephanie leveled up the style game with her long-time client, the fabulous Verlancia Tucker of BOHEMIA Cares. Being the style genius she is, Stephanie has whipped up looks that had Verlancia not just looking like a boss but feeling like one too. In one look, Stephanie had Verlancia in this killer faux leather dress that was straight fire. Every piece screamed, “I’m in charge, and I look good doing it!”


And let’s not forget this pastel yellow jumpsuit that was softer than a summer breeze but strong in style. Verlancia was serving looks left and right! It’s clear as day – Stephanie and Verlancia are a dynamic duo when it comes to fashion. They keep proving that with every photoshoot, Stephanie’s signature style makes Verlancia shine like the star she is!

Styling Game Strong with Kolby McNeal!

Meet Kolby McNeal – a model with @tribetalent, and an entrepreneur making waves. This project was all about speed and style, and Stephanie didn’t just deliver – she slayed it!


We're talking a style mission with a tight deadline, but Stephanie was out here moving like she had all the time in the world. She worked her magic to create a look that’s as dynamic as Kolby himself. The collab with D. Washington Photography? Nothing short of iconic. Stephanie showed the world what it means to be committed to excellence, no matter the clock ticking. It's a whole mood, proof that when Stephanie's in the mix, every style challenge is an opportunity to turn heads and make statements!

Style Me Stephanie Client Kolby McNeal
Style Me Stephanie Client Dora Hearn-Sergeant

Dora Hearn-Sergeant Shines on Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

Dora Hearn-Sergeant, the powerhouse behind DMS Financial, just killed it on the cover of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine's August 2022 Issue. Stephanie stepped up to capture all that "Black Girl Magic" Dora radiates. With Stephanie’s fashion expertise, Amari B Studios’ beauty game, and Photographer Randall Lee's sharp eye, they created cover magic that’s all kinds of fire! 


This cover isn’t just a photo; it's Dora’s story of success, swag, and smarts in the finance game. And check this – it's the second time a client of Style Me Stephanie is rocking a magazine cover. That’s how you know Stephanie’s got that special sauce for spotlighting the achievements of boss women out here making moves.


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