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In-Person Style Session

Unleash Your Wardrobe's Potential with the In-Person Style Session Package

Feel like your closet is full but you have nothing to wear? Let's change that! Discover the hidden gems in your wardrobe with the In-Person Style Session Package.

Imagine opening your closet and seeing it in a whole new light. With this package, your existing outfits will transform before your eyes into fresh, stunning looks. Perfect for everything from a standout photoshoot to elevating your everyday style, Stephanie's expertise will ensure your wardrobe truly reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.


  • Personalized Wardrobe Assessment: Discover new ways to wear your clothes and identify what truly reflects your personal style, maximizing the potential of items you already own and love.

  • Professional Style Curation: Benefit from the eye of a professional stylist who can transform your everyday clothes into outfits that make you look and feel fabulous, ensuring you always step out with confidence.

  • Strategic Wardrobe Recommendations: Streamline your closet with a more intentional collection of clothes that serve your style needs and preferences, making getting dressed a simpler and more enjoyable experience.


Package Details


Maximize your wardrobe's potential with our In-Person Style Session Package. Stephanie's expertise can breathe new life into your existing clothes, creating fresh, exciting looks that showcase your individuality for any occasion, from photoshoots to everyday elegance.


$100/per hour for an all-encompassing, luxury styling experience.

Session Specifics:

Before Stephanie's visit, select key pieces you wish to discuss, and have items you need styling advice on ready for review. Stephanie will curate multiple looks from your existing wardrobe, combining your pieces in ways you may have never imagined. Receive professional advice on what to keep, discard, or add to your collection.

The moment you book your session, your style transformation begins. Stephanie will be your guide, picking out up to four killer looks and putting them into a personalized lookbook just for you. No more closet confusion - just smooth, easy style choices. Picture yourself rocking an outfit that's tailored just for you, oozing confidence and style, all thanks to Stephanie's expert touch. We're not just changing up your wardrobe; we're taking your whole vibe to the next level.

Krys McDonald.jpg

"I needed a stylist to help me pull some looks together for a photoshoot and Stephanie showed up and showed out with the looks she put together for me. I'll be using her again in the near future for another project!"

Krys McDonald

Aleshia Morrow.jpg

"I absolutely LOVE Style Me Stephanie!!! She is bold and vibrant and her choices in outfits are the same! She also has a good eye for what is in and making you stand out all from items that's in your very own closet!! I fully recommend booking her as your personal stylist for your next events!!"

Aleshia Morrow


to unleash the real power of your closet?

Slide into a style session with Stephanie. Don't sleep on transforming your vibe and stepping into a fashion game that's all yours. Hit that book a consultation button and kick off your journey to a fiercer, more fabulous you.

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